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14 December 2006 @ 05:17 pm
King County Journal: Renton council approves $213M budget  
Renton council approves $213M budget

Journal Staff

RENTON — The City Council has approved unanimously a nearly $213 million budget for 2007 that includes 19 new employees and one of the city's largest-ever capital improvement programs.

This year's budget is about $172 million and the increase is mostly due to the $58 million the city will spend on transportation, parks and trails, the airport and utilities.

"This budget represents the values of our community and this council," council President Randy Corman said in a statement. "The council focused on a budget that will contribute positively to our community's quality of life."

The new employees, including a new code enforcement officer, reflects the growing demand for city services.

In her budget address in October, Mayor Kathy Keolker said the city has stretched every dollar.

"But we've reached the point where we can't continue to provide good service unless we add people," she said.

In approving the budget, the council agreed to consider a property tax increase, aquatic center fees and a permanent restroom at the downtown transit center early next year.

Last modified: December 14. 2006 12:00AM